The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is responsible for the operations and service provision for the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) EGNOS and Galileo. By developing a new generation of GNSS, Europe is laying the foundation for new high-technology industry development, leading to job creation and economic growth. These European flagship space programmes, which embody what can be achieved when Europe works together, are already bringing real benefits to people and business in Europe and around the world.

The GSA’s core mission is to ensure that European citizens get the most out of Europe’s satellite navigation programmes. The Agency does this by:

  • Designing and enabling services that fully respond to user needs, while continuously improving the European GNSS services and infrastructure;
  • Managing the provision of services that ensure user satisfaction in the most cost efficient manner;
  • Engaging market stakeholders to develop innovative and effective applications, value-added services and user technology that promote the achievement of full European GNSS adoption;
  • Ensuring that European GNSS services and operations are thoroughly secure, safe and accessible.

Current Job Vacancies for Temporary and Contract Agents

Reference Description Related documents Deadline Status
GSA/2018/333 Legal/Procurement Officer (TA AD5) Vacancy Notice 30 April 2018 – 11:59 Open for applications
GSA/2018/440 Human Resources Officer (CA FGIV) Vacancy Notice 25 April 2018 – 11:59 Open for applications
GSA/2018/105 Project Control Officer (CA FGIV) Vacancy Notice 16 April 2018 – 11:59 Open for applications
GSA/2018/520 GSA Crypto Authority Manager (TA AD8) Vacancy Notice 27 March 2018 – 11:59
Extended until: 16/04/2018 – 11:59
Open for applications

GSA - European GNSS Agency (Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency)

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